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Dec 14, 2018

  1. Few physicians use telemedicine

  2. Be judicious with empiric antibiotics for febrile neutropenia

  3. Home-based exercise for PAD tops supervised treadmill exercise

  4. Brain injury in sickle cell merits more attention

Dec 13, 2018

  1. Parental leave for residents pales in comparison to that of faculty physicians.
  2. Non-TB mycobacteria infections rising in COPD patients.
  3. Despite risks, exercise is important for patients with sickle cell.
  4. Social Media can help doctors stay up-to-date.

Dec 12, 2018

  1. AHA: Statins associated with high degree of safety.
  2. Acute stroke thrombolysis worked safely despite GI bleed or malignancy.
  3. Are you facing a lawsuit? Legal advice from legal experts.
  4. Obesity linked to 10% of childhood asthma.

Dec 11, 2018

  1. Decreased insulin clearance may be first step on path to insulin resistance.
  2. Tender joint count may confound assessment of RA inflammation.
  3. Common AEDs confer modestly increased risk of major congenital malformations.
  4. ACR, NPF unveil psoriatic...

Dec 10, 2018

  1. Study investigates statin-diabetes link.
  2. Should metabolic syndrome be renamed circadian syndrome?
  3. Phone app diagnoses STEMI nearly as well as ECG.
  4. Fewer insured may have helped slow health spending growth in 2017.