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Oct 16, 2019

Wildfire smoke impact, part 2: Resources, advice for patients

By Doug Brunk

What can doctors tell their patients with cardiovascular and pulmonary conditions about the risks of smoke from wildfires?


Other news:


HHS floats Stark/anti-kickback revisions to support value-based care

Health law attorneys say reforms should remove some of the risk in value-based care arrangements that exist under current law.


Rivaroxaban trends toward higher thrombotic risk than vitamin K antagonists in APS

Patients who took rivaroxaban experienced almost two times as many thrombotic events as patients who took dose-adjusted vitamin K antagonists.


Increased Parkinson’s disease risk seen with bipolar disorder

People with bipolar disorder may be at increased risk of developing Parkinson’s disease in later life.


Changes to public charge rule blocked by courts

Courts have temporarily blocked a Trump administration rule that would make it more difficult for immigrants to remain in the United States if they receive health care assistance.



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